Uncle Larry's Lures do the Job
Uncle Larry's Lures have been designed and field tested by Uncle Larry himself.
Uncle Larry's Lures are created for fishermen by fishermen! They are designed for a wide range of fishing applications and locations. Whether you are fishing for trout, salmon or kokanee, you're sure to catch your limit with Uncle Larry's Lures - Fish can't resist them!
Uncle Larry's Lures are made from real silver plate, gold plate and copper blades... not just nickel plate or brass.
Pro Snell lures are primarily for Eagle Lake Trout or any7 other larger agressive fish. It works well with a threaded nighcrawler. The leader has a bobber stopper to keep the blade from pushing the night crawler down the hook.
Glow lures are geared for kokanee and work extremely well with a piece of shoepeg corn.
Snelled lures are very productive for trout and landlocked king salmon tipped with a piece of nightcrawler.
Special Tiger lures are a wide spectrum lure. Colors and patterns are for multiple species.
Power Spin lures produce the faster action, scent and vibration that trout go for.
Salmon Spinners come in two different sizes and shapes. The larger willow leaf blade is perfect for that early season bite. The smaller oval shaped blade entices the late season salmon.
Downrigger Ball Flashers produce that extra vibration in the water that attract more fish giving you that extra advantage.  The ball flashers come in five different colors - silver, gold, copper, pearl glow and black ice.